Create an Experience

Silent Disco Presents

1000+ wireless headphones connected to a central sound system gives unprecedented control of your message and experience. We can help you co-create your next event.


A New Level
Of Co-Created

Connect with friends, co-workers, or even strangers for a memorable music experience.

We are more than just a collection of wireless headphones - with Silent Disco Presents, we bring our 1000+ wireless LED headphones and the
experience of well seasoned Dj's and club lighting packages that are needed to make your event unbelievable. Always wanted to host an event with 3 Djs playing at the same time?  

We can make that happen!

For weddings, movie screenings, festivals, or whatever your next event is, turn to Silent Disco Presents for an event unlike any other. If you're looking for an amazing way to transform your next event into something amazing - contact us today.